The Ashes: World Test Championship

With the World Test Championship starting from today, here is everything that you need to know about the newest tournament by ICC for the oldest format of the game!

When is World Test Championship Starting?

The World Test Championship is starting with the Ashes series and the final will be played in England in July 2021. It will include only 9 out of the 12 test playing nations. This is brought in to add context to the bilateral series.

Each team will play a series with six different teams during the two-year cycle. Teams will have to play 3 Home series and 3 Away Series. In each series, there will be 2-5 matches. However, all the teams will not play the same number of games.

If all the teams are not playing the same number of matches,

How does the points system work?

In a series, a team can gain a maximum of 120 points.

What does this mean?
If it’s a 2 match series, then a team can gain 60 points from a win in one game. If it’s a 3 match series, then a team can gain 40 points from a win in one game. No points will be rewarded for a loss.

However, only 1/3rd points of a win will be awarded to both the teams, if the match is drawn. Example: If it’s a series of two matches, a team will gain 60 points on a win but if it’s a draw, they will gain only 20 points. A gap of 40 points!!

This will hugely bring in a change in the mindset of the players. Players will now look to go for a win rather than go for a loss when it’s a do or die situation. In the case of a tie, both teams will be equally rewarded.

Virat Kohli after winning the test mace for the third consecutive year!

I like the points system in the test championship, just because it forces the teams to play for a win and not for a draw. At the end of the two-year cycle, the top two teams with the maximum points will play in the final. However, in the case of a draw or a tie in the final, the team with a higher position in the group stages will win the test championship.

Few facts about the World Test Championship
1. In terms of the player’s uniforms, all players will adopt a squad number that is the same as their ODI and T20I numbers, with players that specialize in Test cricket also being assigned a squad number.

2. A team that is behind the required over-rate at the end of a match will have two competition points deducted for each over it is behind.

3. England plays the highest number of matches,i.e. 22 matches, whereas Sri Lanka and Pakistan play the least number of matches, i.e 14 matches.

4. All the top four teams(Australia, India, South Africa, and England), play against each other in the test championship, which, therefore, spices up the world test championship.

5. India will not play against Pakistan in the league stages but if both the teams reach the finals, they will face each other in the finals in England.

But right now with the Coronavirus situation all around the world, many matches have been canceled and series have been called off last month. With the situation not getting any better any time sooner, we have to wait and see what the ICC is going to do regarding the World Test Championship’s future and how it will conduct the remaining matches and series.

What are your thoughts upon this Test Championship? Will it work in favor of test cricket?


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