Captain and Vice Captains are probably the most important spots to choose in your fantasy cricket team. They are the Pillars of your team, which will make or break your performance in Dream11 or other fantasy leagues. So, choosing your captain and vice-captain becomes even more critical because they score twice and one and half times the actual scores respectively.

First of all, let’s know who makes a good captain and vice-captain in a Dream11, Fantain or other fantasy league teams.

1.Wicket-Keepers: Wicket keepers make the best captains and vice-captains in the fantasy leagues like Dream11 etc because they have a wider scope to score more points in the leagues through their wicket-keeping capabilities. They get a lot of opportunities to take catches, do stumpings and even effect run-outs. This is the single biggest reason why love wicket-keepers and if the wicketkeeper also bats at the top of the order, it’s “Sone pe Suhaaga”.

If you have options like Johnny Bairstow, Quinton De Kock, Jos Buttler or KL Rahul you have to them a captain or a vice-captain !!! They open the batting for their franchise and also keep wickets for them, so there is a higher chance of them scoring the highest points in the match

2.All-Rounders: All-Rounders again are three-dimensional players who can score points from almost anywhere or everywhere. But make sure your pick those all-rounders as captains or vice captains who will get to bat for sure and also bowl their quota of over 9 out of 10 times in the matches they played.

Players like Sunil Narine, Hardik Pandya, Moeen Ali will be great choices for captains or vice-captains as they get to bat and bowl in almost every game and this gives them a higher chance together more points in a match.

3. Genuine Impact Players: As the heading suggests, anyone who can change the game on his own on his given day. These are either bowlers or batsmen who also field extremely well.
Players like Virat Kohli, Rashid Khan, Jasprit Bumrah, Kagiso Rabada, ABD, Chris Gayle, Rohit Sharma fall into this category and who can seal the game on their own on any given day. But you will need to also check there recent form and availability and check the pitch conditions and the opposition and ask yourself if they can change the game on their head in that match.

For Example: Whenever matches are played in Wankhede Stadium, Most of the times I pick Rohit Sharma as my Captain or Vice-captain because those kinds of conditions suit them and his record there as well is phenomenal. I also picked spinners like Imran Tahir or Harbhajan Singh as my captain and vice-captain when matches were played in Chennai as the pitches there suit a lot to the spinners and they didn’t disappoint me one time.

Some Additional Fantasy Cricket League or Dream11 Tips :
1. Always pick captains and vice captains from both the teams as this increases the chances of you scoring more points in the fantasy leagues
2. Always study the pitch reports and recent performances of the players you are going to choose.
3. Pick players on the basis of their capabilities and form and not on the basis of credits they have on the app.
4. Don’t pick someone just because he is your favorite player when he is not performing for his side in the matches. Don’t get emotional while playing these kinds of games.
5. Always re-check your Dream11 or Fantasy League team after the toss and check if the players you have picked as your captain or vice-captain is playing or not and his fir or not.

Finally, there is not hard and fast rule in fantasy leagues or Dream11. Its all about trial and error and the experience you gain out of it and using them in your next match. I hope you learning something from this article. Thank you so much for reading!

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