ECB has announced the commencement of the 100-ball format In England and Wales in July 2020 titled as “The Hundred”. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about the 100-Ball Format!!

What is the 100-ball format?
100-ball cricket is a form of limited-overs cricket, played by two teams each playing a single innings made up of 100 balls just like
T-20Is or ODIs.

What are the new rules for the 100-ball format?
1. A game of 100 balls per innings.
2. The size of one over is of 5 balls and not 6 balls.
3. A change of ends only after 10 balls and not 6 balls.
4. Bowlers can deliver 5 or 10 consecutive balls.
5. Each bowler can bowl a maximum of 20 balls in a single inning.
6. Each bowling side gets a strategic timeout of up to two and a half minutes.
7. A batting powerplay of 25-ball for each team at the start.
8. Teams will be able to call timeouts just like in the IPL.

What is the Tournament Structure for 100-ball format?
Eight city-based teams will be competing over the title over a 38-day period which runs from mid-July to early September. Each team will play four home and four away matches, which means a total of 32 games in the league that come before the playoffs.

The Playoff system will include the top four teams of the league stage and will be similar to the one used in the IPL. The top two teams will face each other, and the winner of this match will directly qualify for the finals, while the loser plays off against the winner of the game played between the third and fourth-placed teams in the league for the second spot in the finals.

Reactions of Cricketers and Cricket experts:
Both England’s test and limited-overs format captains have welcomed the ECB’s plans for its new format in 2020 stating it will attract a completely new audience and are hugely optimistic about this new project.

Andrew Strauss even states: The Hundred “is the best opportunity” to capitalize on England’s World Cup win!

Tapping into a new group of fans, particularly women and children, is among one of the biggest aims for The Hundred.

Jimmy Neesham wasn’t too pleased with this move of ECB, asking why are they trying something different when the T-20 format is already so successful.

Virat Kohli even raised a few concerns about the 100-ball format, saying he does not want to be a part of an experiment.

He also said, “I don’t want to be a testing sort of a cricketer for any new format. I don’t want to be someone who’s going to be part of that World XI who comes and launches the 100-ball format.

The 100-ball format, to be honest, doesn’t make any sense to me right now. Cricket already has three bonafide formats, i.e. Tests, ODIs, and T20Is and with T20Is commercializing cricket all over the world.

The New rules also don’t excite me. The concept of overs has been completely taken out of the equation. The ends change only after 10 balls. These rules have made it even more difficult for the bowlers to showcase their best potential.

How can a bowler be consistent with his lines and lengths for 10 consecutive balls? With these new rules, ECB has made it, even more, batsmen’s game.

All in all, the tournament has been finalized to begin in 2020 and we shall wait and watch what happens to the newest tournament, THE HUNDRED.

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What are your thoughts on this? Do you agree with Virat? Comment down below!

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